Even though most babies don’t start getting teeth until they are six months old, it’s still important to start practicing infant dental care as soon as possible. We recommend their first visit near Phoenixville, PA, around their first birthday to ensure that their teeth and gums are properly cleaned and cared for.

Try to get in the habit of cleaning your child’s gums soon after birth. They might be a little fussy at first, but they will soon get used to having their mouth cleaned. Here are some more helpful tips to keep in mind.

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Between three and nine months, your infant’s baby teeth will begin to grow in. This process is called teething. Teething may cause your child to become irritable or fussy. You may also a notice an increase in restlessness, drooling, and loss of appetite.

You can help ease your child’s teeth discomfort by:

  • Rubbing their gums to apply pressure
  • Giving them a cold teething ring to chew on


Sucking on pacifiers is a normal part of development and is comforting to children well into their first years of life. During a child’s first few years, sucking habits probably won’t damage their mouth. However, frequent and long-term pacifier usage can cause problems. If your child uses a pacifier, make sure they always use it safely.

Try to choose a pacifier that:

  • Is one piece rather than multiple parts
  • Has ventilating holes on the sides
  • Is large enough that your infant can’t swallow it
  • Has a handle that’s easy to grasp
  • Is made of a nontoxic, flexible material

Always check the pacifier for rips or tears before giving it to your child.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

One of the most important issues to keep an eye on is baby bottle tooth decay. This condition is caused by frequent exposure to sugary liquids. To avoid tooth decay, never let your infant sleep with a bottle in their mouth. If your child needs something to suck on to fall asleep, give them a pacifier or a bottle filled with water.

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