The best way to prevent cavities and other oral health issues is by keeping up with your oral hygiene. While seeing a dentist twice a year for a professional oral exam is important for discovering issues before they worsen, the chances of finding any problems go down if you’re brushing and flossing consistently.

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The Importance of Oral Hygiene

Did you know that adults over 35 lose more teeth to periodontal disease than from decay? The overall health of your smile from your gums to your teeth should be the center of your attention at least twice a day.

Good oral hygiene also leads to a better appearance and fresh breath. Failing to brush can increase your chances or yellow or miscolored teeth.

What Are the Best Oral Hygiene Practices?


Everyone should always brush at least two times per day with a soft bristled toothbrush, but if you want to guarantee a fresh smile, you might want to try doing so after every meal to quickly get rid of bacteria and food particles. The American Dental Association also recommends brushing for exactly two minutes, giving you enough time to brush thoroughly, but not long enough to hurt your gums.

When brushing, position the brush at a 45-degree angle where your gums and teeth meet. Gently move the brush in a circular motion several times using small, gentle strokes while brushing the outside surfaces of your teeth. Use light pressure while putting the bristles between the teeth, but not so much pressure that you feel any discomfort.

To clean the inside surfaces of the upper and lower front teeth, hold the brush vertically. Make several gentle back-and-forth strokes over each tooth, and don’t forget to gently brush the surrounding gum tissue!


Flossing is an effective way to clean between your teeth and should be done at least once per day. Start with a piece of floss that’s roughly 18 inches long. Waxed floss is always easier. Lightly wrap most of the floss around the middle finger of one hand and wrap the rest of the floss around the middle finger of the other hand. Hold the floss tightly between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, then gently insert it tightly between the teeth using a back-and-forth motion.

Looking for Help With Your Oral Hygiene in Pottstown, PA?

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