Are your teeth yellow or stained? This may make you feel a little self-conscious whenever you smile, especially when you start to notice it in photos. The good news is there’s something you can do about it, and it doesn’t involve using those annoying whitening strips that never seem to work. At Pottstown Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide you with exactly what you need for a bright and shining smile.

woman smiling from teeth whitening

What is the Whitening Process Like?

We prefer to use custom bleach splints to whiten your teeth. In only a day or two after  coming in for an impression, the splints will be ready for you to pick up. We will also provide you with a special bleaching agent that you’ll put inside the clear splints.

With only a few hours of wear per day for the next couple of weeks, the agent bubbles stains right out of your enamel without altering tooth structure or existing dental work in any way. When your teeth reach the desired brightness, only occasional treatment is needed to maintain your new smile

What Causes Tooth Stains?

Tooth stains can come from various sources, but the most common include the foods and drinks you consume. Colorful foods like berries and dark-colored beverages like coffee and soda can quickly discolor your teeth if you consume too much. Other common causes include some medications and aging.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening?

  • Increased confidence
  • Better-looking smile
  • Safer

Do You Want Teeth Whitening Treatment in Pottstown, PA?

If you’re ready to get the smile of your dreams, we’re only a phone call away. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment.