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To help you get a better understanding about pediatric dentistry and the services that we provide in Limerick PA, we answered some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

Despite many people believing otherwise, baby, or primary, teeth are extremely important to your child’s health and development in Phoenixville PA. Baby teeth are essential for numerous reasons. Not only do they help your child chew, speak, and smile, but they also help form a path that permanent teeth can follow when they are ready to erupt. As a result, a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles all starts with taking proper care of baby teeth!

When Should My Child Start Using Toothpaste?

When it comes to brushing your child’s teeth with toothpaste, the sooner the better! Starting at birth, you should clean your child’s gums with a cloth and water or a soft infant toothbrush. Then, as soon as their teeth begin to appear, it’s time to start brushing twice daily using a soft, age-appropriate toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste. Use a “smear” of toothpaste if your child is 2 years of age or younger and a “pea-size” amount for 3-6-year-olds.

Is It Okay for My Child to Suck Their Thumb?

Thumb sucking generally only becomes a problem if they go on for a very long period of time. Most children stop this habit on their own, but if they are still sucking their thumbs or fingers past the age of three, it might be time to take some extra precautions. Too much thumb sucking at that age can disturb the alignment of their teeth and even the structure of their mouth.

How Do I Make My Child’s Diet Safe for Their Teeth?

A healthy diet and a healthy smile often go hand-in-hand. The best type of diet for your child’s teeth is a balanced one. A balanced diet should include one serving of fruits and vegetables, bread and cereals, milk and dairy products, and meat, fish, and eggs. It might also be a good idea to limit the servings of sugars and starches to help protect them from tooth decay in Douglasville PA.

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