Our dental team always strives to provide the best dental treatments, and while skill and experience are important, we still may need the assistance of the latest technology for the best results. That’s why Pottstown Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has invested in cone beam 3D imaging.

cone beam 3d imaging

What is Cone Beam 3D Imaging?

Cone beam imaging allows your dentist to capture a full 3D scan of your oral region, including the teeth, gums, and jawbone. You’ll stand with your head between two rotating arms that will slowly move in a circular motion. This process will usually take less than a minute.

After that, the dentist can pull up the scan on their computer, showing an accurate three-dimensional image that can be viewed from any angle. You’ll be able to see all the hard and soft tissue structures, including nerve pathways.

Is Cone Beam 3D Imaging Safe?

Cone beam imaging is very safe, and we do everything we can to minimize radiation exposure. While radiation is slightly higher than a regular x-ray, this method only requires us to capture one image.

What Are the Benefits of Cone Beam 3D Imaging?

Cone beam computed tomography makes it much easier for dentists to plan treatments and surgeries. Plus, it simultaneously allows them to explain the process to patients. Some other great benefits include:

  • Incredible accuracy
  • The ability to rotate the image
  • More data for precise planning
  • Easier to differentiate types of tissue
  • Has various uses

Looking for a Dentist Who Utilizes 3D Imaging in Pottstown, PA?

Cone beam imaging has truly brought the future of dentistry to the present. With accurate scans and many other advantages, it’s always beneficial to see a dentist who utilizes this technology. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.