Sleep Dentistry

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Occasionally a child in Douglasville PA needs to be unconscious to allow Dr. Rich to safely complete all proposed dental treatment.  Dr. Rich has access to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and Malvern Surgical Center where they have the tools and technology to safely put the child into a deep sleep by using General Anesthesia.  This is the same kind of sleep a child would have for the removal of tonsils or placement of ear tubes in Limerick PA.  Your child will be able to go home the same day of the treatment.  

Dr. Rich might recommend Sleep dentistry if your child:

  • Cannot relax or calm down enough for treatment to be performed safely
  • Needs a large amount of restorative work that can best be done in one long appointment
  • Needs extractions or other treatment that might be hard for the child to tolerate while awake
  • Has a disability that limits the child’s ability to understand directions and be treated safely in Phoenixville PA