Silver Diamine Fluoride


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On some occasions, a child in Douglasville PA may need to go to an operating room in order for the doctor to safely complete needed dental treatment.  This may be recommended for our smaller patients who are unable to follow directions or need dental treatment that may be difficult for the child to tolerate.  There is now an alternative option:  Silver Diamine Fluoride, or S.D.F.

Silver Diamine Fluoride is relatively new to the United States and Limerick PA but has been extensively used and studied for several decades in other countries.  It is an antimicrobial liquid that is brushed onto cavities to stop tooth decay.  There is no drilling and no injections.  The silver component in the product acts as an anti-microbial agent that kills bacteria and prevents further formation while the Fluoride acts to prevent further decay.  The only downside to this product is Silver Diamine Fluoride blackens decay on the tooth.  This may not matter on a back molar or a baby tooth that is about to fall out but needs to be taken into consideration.  Please ask us if this might be a good option for your child in Phoenixville PA.