Meet Dr. Purva, a compassionate dentist with a heartwarming touch. A holder of a Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree from Columbia University, New, York, she crafts smiles with both skill and empathy. Her journey continued with an Advanced Degree in General Dentistry from Temple University, Philadelphia, showcasing her commitment to continual growth.  

Dr. Purva embraces cutting-edge dental technologies and radiates passion through advanced interventions. Beyond the clinic, she finds joy in valuable family time, savoring moments with her two children. An advocate of both professional excellence and personal fulfillment, Dr. Purva has seamlessly blended commitment to dentistry and a rich personal life.

And here's the heartwarming touch – Dr. Purva adores playing board games and indulging in the magic of children's movies. Her love for little joys mirrors her warm and welcoming spirit, making each visit a comforting experience for patients of all ages.